By the end of 2020,  One in five jobs in the Arab  world required digital skills, Unfortunately  there is a huge gap between Egyptians’ technological skills
and market life opportunities thus Maharat min Google will assist businesses
in Egypt in getting ready for future opportunities by enhancing the skill of their teams and growing their businesses by  ensuring that opportunities created by technology are available to everyone.

Program Achievements

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Hours of online training
Online Sessions
Offline Sessions
Certified Trainers

Program Overview

1- Global Digital Marketing Statistics

Global and regional insights about internet usage all over
the world including MENA region.

3- How To Launch Your Website

How to launch your website From A – Z in very simple
way including:
– Detect your buyer personas
– Website content creation
– Website Essential technical terms
(domain name , server, responsive web design .. etc)
– Introduction to website user experience (UX)
– Launch your first website using Google sites

5- Introduction to SEO and SEM

– How Search Engines work and how to improve
their functionality
– What does “improving search engines” mean
– The difference between improving search engine
functionality and search engine shopping
– Crucial elements to ranking high in free search results
– Steps necessary to elevate your rank in search results

2- Digital Marketing Strategy

What is digital marketing strategy? Your digital
marketing strategy is the series of actions that help
you achieve your goals through carefully selected
online marketing channels.

4- Introduction To Marketing,
Digital Marketing & Advertising

– Marketing and advertising history till digital
marketing era
– Digital marketing for websites
– Digital marketing ad types
(SEM, SEO, Email marketing, Social Media Ads)
– Build your digital marketing plan

6- Online Channels (Social Networks)

– How social media works
– How social media has achieved its growth rate
– How social media is used
– How to analyze your social media data
– Social media consumer segments
– The importance of managing social media interactions
– How to grow your social media reach
– Social Media tools and management

                        7- Digital Jobs

            – Exploring new job opportunities in the digital market
            – Finding out the suitable digital job for you
            – Attracting potential employers

Program Objectives


Digital Marketing skills
for your team.


Tools and techniques that will
help you grow your business.


Search engines and how
they work (SEO & SEM)


Online business strategy.


Selection of your business’
plan and direction.

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